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Microsoft Windows Updates October 2009

October 22, 2009

I cannot find any posts out there in a brief scan about this, and just hope this is picked up and someone who knows the answers can give them. At home I had an issue that seems to revolve around a set of updates released on October 15th… they seem to relate to the Windows Firewall and even with it turned off, my problems persist.

At work last night they installed a set of updates, I think some from the October 15th slew and guess what? This morning we had to turn off Windows Firewall on our servers because suddenly several things stopped working. The only one I can say FOR CERTAIN was broken was Windows File Sharing. Turning off Windows Firewall fixed this. We have exclusions inside the Windows firewall to allow file sharing even when its on, but either the exclusions are ignored in the newest patch, or somewhere else file sharing is specifically broken.

We got a work-around here at work, but now I’ll just wait for a future patch before my home machine will start to run as desired again.

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