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Telerik RadGridView Filtering on Strings

August 7, 2009

The Telerik WinForms RadGridView control has proven to be very impressive to me thus far. Anything that automates and manages a large portion of the creation and functionality of your application is going to make decisions you don’t like but overall this one seems very good.

The Good:

I created a typed DataSet, complete with proper relationships between master/detail tables.
I then dropped a radGridView control on the form, set the datasourse as my dataset, the member as my ‘master’ table and then told it to AutoGenerateHierarchy. In those couple easy steps I created a triply-nested datagrid that admittedly wasn’t very pretty but it functioned as would be expected and was about 50% of what I needed out of the simple application request I received.

For the Good of the filters, it was very easy to create a filter following their example, and very easy to perform filtering based upon integer values. Also the filter/gridview are very responsive with small to moderate-sized datasets, but I’ve not tried anything large yet.

The Bad:

I created a filter and programatically placed it on one of the columns per their tutorial and was disturbed to find that using their EqualTo function, pasting the contents of a cell into the filter bar did not return any results. This means that the cell from which I took the value did not match itself. I did figure out what was happening (details here); basically their filter was stripping prepending spaces for comparison despite visually displaying them. This meant that pasting in ‘ 41’ would not match ‘ 41′ but rather ’41’.

The Fix:

Just strip prepending spaces in your query/dataset before putting it into the grid if possible. If you cannot, they have responded in the afore-mentioned and linked forum post that they may change the functionality in the future.

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